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As your Chinese plastic manufacturer, we provide a one-stop service for plastic product manufacturing in China. Made to customers' own designs, many of our products involve multiple manufacturing processes and materials - including plastics - and many involve complex engineered plastics and high performance plastics.

We can accommodate any production demand placed upon us. We offer:


Contract Manufacturing Plastic
Plastic injection moulding
Vacuum forming
Precision injection moulding Insert moulding
Resin moulding Composites
Blow moulding
Complex engineered plastics
Rotational moulding
High performance plastics
Extrusion ABS, PA, PC, PES, PET, PP, PS, PU, PVC, etc.
Thermo forming Teflon, nylon, rubber, glass filled, etc.


For plastic injection moulding China and the many other processes above, we are one of the leading Chinese plastics manufacturers. Established in 1984, we have been custom plastic manufacturing far longer than our competitors, and we cannot be beaten on experience or quality. We are one of the few Chinese plastic companies with ISO 9000 accreditation, and one of even fewer plastics manufacturers in China with British management.

We are also experts in China tooling, China casting and are one of the main electronics manufacturers China. Contact us now for your Chinese plastic manufacturing and other China mfg and factory China needs. As one of the leading manufacturers in Asia, we offer a full range of services for your contract manufacturing in China.