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Made in China = Made in the Pearl River Delta
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Manufacturing is developing in other parts of China but the Pearl River Delta (Guangdong and the traditionally western- and service-oriented Hong Kong) is, by some margin, the workshop of both China and the world, especially for quality high-end product. "Made in China" means "Made in the Pearl River Delta" - and this is no accident.

  • Official Chinese policy since the late 1970s has been to use the Pearl River Delta to drive China's economic growth.

  • As a result of massive investment and capital spending, funnelled through Hong Kong manufacturers, the Pearl River Delta now accounts for upwards of 15 per cent of China's GDP and a third of China's imports and exports.

  • And China now manufactures 80 per cent of the world's photocopiers; 70 per cent of its mobile phones; 60 per cent of its digital cameras; 50 per cent of its computers; and, in a single factory in the Pearl River Delta, 40 per cent of the world's microwave ovens. This is manufacturing China-style.

  • Modern China factories, quality raw materials, skilled labour, an established infrastructure and a history of western influence in this region have combined to build the success of products "Made in China" - success built on quality.

  • TCM is at the heart of China's manufacturing hub and by choosing a made in China manufacturer, like us, whose head office is registered in Hong Kong - where the legal system is based on English common law - you gain additional protection. The safe, indeed the sensible, way to get your manufacturing from China is through a China manufacturing company or Guangdong manufacturer which is registered in Hong Kong.

Manufacturing in the Pearl River Delta through a manufacturer which is Hong Kong-registered offers additional peace of mind, greater protection and higher quality product than through other made in China manufacturers. We have many customers who have benefitted from this.

If you check any Chinese manufacturer directory or Chinese factory directory you will see that we cannot be beaten on experience or quality. We are ISO 9001 accredited and we specialise in China precision engineering, China precision machining, CNC parts from China and metal fabrication China. In addition to being your metal manufacturer in China, we are experts in electronic contract manufacturing and we are a leading Chinese plastic manufacturer.

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