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Looking for a Chinese manufacturers' directory? The good news is: you don't need to.

While the quality of manufacturing from China is world-class, it still pays to be discerning. It is important to identify experienced, reliable and reputable manufacturers from China, as in any country.

This is not easy as there is no definitive list of Chinese manufacturers online, nor one definitive Chinese factory directory. Indeed, any Chinese manufacturer directory, although full of Chinese manufacturing companies, shows only a fraction of those that exist – many of the best and most experienced Chinese factories do not publicise their services, preferring instead to generate business through their Guanxi network, meticulously built up over many years.

If you are looking for experience and reliability, there is no easy way to find China manufacturers direct. Even if you do find what looks to be a comprehensive China factory directory, it cannot be used to check the credibility and financial status of a Chinese factory. Simply put, this is not the best way to find a manufacturer China, which is why it is important when choosing China contract manufacturers, to look for a proven track record and viability over many years.

TCM is one of the few China manufacturing companies to offer that. Established in 1984, and with ISO 9001 accreditation and British management, we are unique and genuinely one of the few manufacturers that can successfully help you when moving production to China. So if you plan on looking through a China manufacturers’ directory or a complete China manufacturers' list, the good news is you don’t need to.

We are one of the leading Chinese product manufacturers. As your OEM manufacturer China, we will offer our unrivalled experience of custom manufacturing in China in metals, plastics and electronics, with the security of ISO 9001 and British management for ease of communication. If you have checked any China manufacturer directory or Chinese factories directory, you will know that we cannot be beaten on experience or quality. We are experts in China CNC, China components, China parts, extrusion China, casting China, electronic contract manufacturing, China mould and China injection moulding.

No need to trawl through that China manufacturing directory - your China manufacturer search is over.