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While the quality of China manufacturing is world-class, as with any country it still pays to be discerning when choosing your manufacturing partner as there is no definitive China manufacturers' list to check the credibility and financial status of factories in China.

  • Not everyone strikes lucky first time, particularly if a generic China factory directory was used to find a contract manufacturer, hence we take on customers through our "rescue manufacturing" service - where we fine-tune, repair or completely replace existing tooling outsourced to less experienced and, perhaps, less reliable China manufacturing companies. If you have already tried China outsourcing - not to your complete satisfaction - we can help.

  • We also offer our rescue manufacturing service for tooling produced by other Asian manufacturers.

  • In some cases we have been asked to rescue tooling after only a few months and to perform extensive repairs or replace entirely with our own tooling.

We hope you have been able to find reliable contract manufacturing companies in China and that your China factory has exceeded your expectations, but where that has not been the case we can assist. (See our summary of what makes a successful China manufacturer.)

Although manufacturing is developing in other parts of China, the Pearl River Delta - including Guangdong factories and the traditionally western- and service-oriented Hong Kong - remains the workshop of the world for low cost manufacturing and quality. Pick any China factories' directory and it is populated with Guangdong factories and Hong Kong factories - China factories based almost entirely in the Pearl River Delta.

Where your manufacturing in China - or other Asian manufacturing - has worked, we can also assist. We complement existing contract manufacturing operations by adding capacity, launching new product lines, designing-out manufacturing costs or consolidating shipping to reduce costs.

We are a leading Chinese factory for CNC China parts, China tooling and China mould making, China plastic manufacturing, China electronics and many other types of contract manufacturing. We were established in 1984 - far longer than our competitors - and we are ISO 9001 accredited with British management. So if you are looking for a factory in China which, in any China factories' directory, stands out from the crowd, contact us now for a free quotation - we want to help with your China outsourcing.