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China Outsourcing Case Studies
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As one of the pioneer contract manufacturers in China, many western customers have used us for their China outsourcing. The following is a tiny sample of the range of projects we have undertaken:

Success Story 1:

  • Inventor and entrepreneur with a concept for Baby & Child product wants to find a manufacturer in China.

  • We produce drawings and designs, leading to prototypes, testing and certification to exacting safety standards (fire retardancy, toxicity etc.).

  • Materials include state-of-the-art fabrics.

  • After approval of pre-production samples, full production follows with shipment to leading European high-street stores.

  • Product wins a number of awards in its category and is shortlisted for others.

  • Production increased for distribution and sales in Asia and Australia.

  • International Patent Application.

  • Product Awards

Success Story 2:

  • Privately-owned UK SME.

  • New range of patented DIY tools for the professional and enthusiast.

  • We manufacture and assemble plastic injection moulding, die-casting, plating, printing and packaging.

  • This is the first time the company has tried China outsourcing or used any type of overseas manufacturing.

  • Wins top product award in its category.

  • Second product in the range manufactured. Plastics and metal parts selected for durability. Printing and packaging included.

  • Wins top product award in its category.

  • Product Awards 2

Success Story 3:

  • Publicly-listed European company adopts new strategy for China outsourcing.

  • Relocates 12 tools to China, which we operate.

  • More specialised tooling and product lines added.

  • Dedicated in-house China factory set up.

  • Having exceeded quality and delivery expectations, company requests we move production to China in its entirety. Additional dedicated in-house China factories added.

  • Annual cost savings allow company to re-invest in new product development. We bring new product to market.

  • We manufacture China moulds and tooling, die-casting, electronics, plastics, metal working, high-end electro-mechanical assembly, printing and packaging, and many others e.g. China CNC parts, China machining parts.

  • Shipment worldwide.


It is important for customers to identify experienced and reliable Chinese manufacturers online. We were established in 1984, and with ISO 9001 accreditation and British management, we are a leader in Chinese contract manufacturing. Our China mfg expertise includes CNC China parts, China components, China tooling, China plastic injection moulding, China casting and China electronics manufacturing - all to customers' own designs. See our review of what makes a successful China manufacturer and contact us now for a free quotation.


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nternational Patent Application.
Product Awards